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Welcome to the district team page. Here you can see the faces of those core people who co-ordinate scouting in the district; click the members name to email them.

Scouting is subject to elections for many of these positions on a yearly basis. This currently takes place in September of every year.

Alex Norori-McCormac
District Commissioner Contact Alex
Robert Cashman
District Chairman Contact Robert
Zach Seddon Deane
District Secretary

Zach has been involved in Scouting since he was 9 years old. He’s previously been an active support member in his home District of North London before coming to West London in 2017, when he moved to study Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London. Zach has now taken on the role of District Administrator, Secretary and Appointments Secretary ensuring that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

Read more Contact Zach
Ian Clarke
District Treasurer Contact Ian
Robert Harm
Appointments Advisory Committee Chairman Contact Robert
Jackie Ware
Deputy District Commissioner - Programme Contact Jackie
Nathan Prince
Deputy District Commissioner - Adult Support Contact Nathan
Gareth Jones
Deputy District Commissioner - Communications


Gareth has been Scouting since he was 10 years old. Through his Scouting career he’s held a number of roles in his home Area of Ceredigion in Wales whilst also volunteering at a ScoutsCymru level through the Youth Council. Gareth moved to West London in 2016 to study Design Engineering at Imperial College London and now volunteers with West London with the remit of internal and external Communications of West London and ensuring that the Scouting message is unified across the District.

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Leigh Porter
Assistant District Commissioner - Growth Contact Leigh
Nick Zaymes
Assistant District Commissioner - Adult Support Contact Nick
Scott Thwaytes
Assistant District Commissioner - Adult Support Contact Scott
Nicola Bransfield
Assistant District Commissioner - Beavers Contact Nicola
Evette Walker
District Beaver Leader

Evette has been scouting since she was 15 years old. However, she has been associated with scout groups from the age of 10 courtesy of her dad who has held numerous roles within scouting in Fulham over the past 40 years!

Evette became a helper at the 21st/23rd Fulham Beaver colony in 1988 as part of the Queens Scout award (it was only supposed to be for three months!) Evette stayed with the colony getting her warrant as Beaver Leader in 1991 – and she’s still there! As well as running the colony at 21st/23rd Fulham Evette also currently holds the post of District Beaver Scout Leader with the remit of organising exciting events and programmes for the youngest members of the scout family.

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Marcus Wolfgang-Hall
District Scout Leader Contact Marcus

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